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    Flex-Tip  Flexible extension
    • Flex-Tip  Flexible extension

    Flex-Tip Flexible extension

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    Flex-Tip Flexible extension

    FLEX-TIP™ – Extension Tube for Perfect-Straw™.

    – Reduces straw diameter at tip
    – Reduces flow
    – Flexible – Get to Hard to reach places (1.5″ length)
    – Fits ALL Perfect-Straw™ Tubes

    Fits all Perfect-Straw™ tubes
    Flexible tube
    Chemically resistant tube
    Tube (red) Length: 1.5″


    WHY the Perfect-Straw™ ?

    Please understand the CAIG Labs’ introduction of the attached/integrated Perfect-Straw™ to the DeoxIT® Line was based on many years of customer feedback.
    The great majority was from people that lost their straw or had difficulties attaching the straw to the actuator/spray cap. Making this change had nothing to do with the volume of D5 to be applied, and we believe most people will agree that a can of DeoxIT® lasts a long time. For our customers that miss the old unattached straw and L-M-H valve, we have a few suggested options for you:

    1. CAIG Labs now offers the FLEX-TIP™ – Flexible Extension for Perfect-Straw™ (Part No. CL-EXT-PS2).
    This extension straw provides the user with the exact same sized diameter straw as our old unattached straws.
    It incorporates a flexible joint that permits the user to bend the straw to any angle, also requested over the years by our customers.

    2. Next, for a little less than the price of our normal DeoxIT® Line Spray cans, customers can purchase our new DeoxIT® Line mini sprays.These new mini sprays continue to have the adjustable spray valve (L-M-H) and the unattached straw, plus they utilize the newest and best available solvent/propellant, Solstice from Honeywell, which is non-flammable and safe for the environment. (For DeoxIT® D-Series, Part No. DN5S-2N, for DeoxIT® Gold G-Series, Part No.GN5S-2N, for DeoxIT® Shield S-Series, Part No.SN5S-2N and DeoxIT® Fader F-Series, Part No.FN5S-2N).

    CAIG Laboratories Inc.
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    Flex-Tip  Flexible extension

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    Flex-Tip  Flexible extension

    Flex-Tip Flexible extension

    690 kr
    Með vsk.Innan 2-3 daga